Expansion Power Generation Equipment include

1) Steam screw expansion generator.
2)ORC screw expansion generating station.
POWER RECOVERY AND POWER GENERATION THROUGH HEAT AND PRESSURE.Improving the efficiency of existing energy use is far ahead of the world,cogeneration,natural cosine.geothermal power generation.Medium and low temperature solar power generation, Bioenergy power generation

Low-temperature waste heat recovery technology

There is a large amount of low-grade energy, including geothermal energy, but it is difficult to develop.The application of Shanghai GEO technology can recycle low-temperature waste heat resources and develop low-grade energy.


1) Metallurgical, iron and steel, non-ferrous metal industry: such as blast furnace, converter, heating furnace, produced Large amount of pressurized steam; rich gas during production; high temperature flue gas and air
2)power sector:There are many steam heating and decompression joints Flow and discharge processes (e. g. drainage)
3)Petroleum, chemical and oil production industries: in the process of petrochemical industry accompanied by a large amount of steam, will also produce a large amount of waste hot water (hot water, hot oil)
4)Geothermal and biomassus With pressure steam, geothermal water and other effective resources
5)Chemical fiber industry: a l energy: Geothermal and biomass energy can produce a continuoarge amount of atmospheric pressure esterified steam
6)Others:Building materials, cement, paper, printing and dyeing, sugar, food, wine, pharmaceutical factories, etc Domain, all have a large amount of waste heat and pressure resources

Characteristics of power generation technology of screw expander:

● Wide heat source adaptation range
Heat source requirements are not high, overheat steam, saturated steam, steam and water mixture, hot water,

Other heat fluids can be used, which is a pure waste heat utilization.

●Excellent variable working condition ability

Heat source load and parameters (from 120% to 10%) fluctuations Under the condition, it can still run stable

●Low maintenance costs

Decades of no major repair of power generation equipment, minor repair maintenance and operation 

operation are simple Easy, to the user's original system without interference impact, installation and 

movement is very simple.

●Safe and reliable

Using a three-phase asynchronous or synchronous generator, the power is directly input The enterprise grid, 

drives all kinds of electrical equipment, grid will not power the power grid Quality has any bad effects.In 

case of emergency, generator system The unified safety protection device can automatically switch with the 

grid to ensure the grid and generatorThe safety of.

1. Instruction of Steam screw expansion generator:


● Condition required


Flow rate and pressure difference adaptation range of the power station is Very wide, power generation efficiency is very high, single steam flow range is From 1-65t/h, the differential pressure adaptation range is 0.15-3.0MPa (G). 0.5MPa, 1 ton / hour saturated steam, mountain steam screw The expansion station series ORC screw expansion station has at least the net power generation capacity 102kW, not only far higher than the steam turbine unit, more far higher than at home and abroad like products

●Potential downstream process uses are:

1) For users to use;

2) For use at the low-pressure steam screw expansion station;

3) For use in the ORC screw expansion power station.

Because the steam screw expansion station is an open cycle, with less equipment.reek From entering the expander, to leaving the expander, without any impurity components into the machine,The quality and quantity of water steam have not changed, and can be used for downstream use.

2. Instruction of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) expansion generator:


Using organic media, inside a closed loop implements the Langken cycle, from High temperature heat source heat absorption, heat release to low temperature heat source, output shaft power. The expander needs to use a circulatory system to work and cannot be used alone. Required heat source conditions are low, more suitable for low-taste heat source recovery.

● Principle of ORC

Preheater and evaporator receive the heat of the heat source and heat the organic working matter to high temperature and high pressure The gas then enters the expander to push the rotor to do work, while cooling down and lowering the pressure.Gas state work After the mass is discharged from the expander, enter the oil separator, separate the lubricating oil, and then enter the cold Condenser condensation into liquid, liquid is boosted by the working medium pump, into the preheater, evaporator, finished A round of circulation.At the same time, there is also a road circulation of the lubricating oil in the oil separator After the separation, the oil pump is transported to the lubrication point to ensure the lubrication of bearings and other parts

With cooling.

In the ORC cycle, the role of the works material is to extract the heat value of the heat source and turn the temperature Into the pressure, power, so as to realize the power output of the low-temperature heat source.Because there is no pressure, Low pressure heat source, can not use other methods to achieve thermal conversion, ORC screw expansion The expansion machine is the only option. The choice of work quality is very important, for the level of power generation efficiency, the specification of machinery and equipment, Cost and other impact.Kaishan standard organic Langken cycle screw expansion power station makes The working medium used is R245fa, R1233zd (E) and other environmental protection materials.






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