widely used in the steel and chemical industry
Pressure recovery

According to the use occasion, the steam screw expansion power station applied in industrial residual pressure power generation can be divided int back pressure type and condensing type. According to the work medium, it can be divided into steam type, gas type (natural gas or other process gas).The unit is widely used in the steel and chemical industry.The application form includes back pressure type, condensing steam type, single stage direct expansion unit, Multi-stage direct expansion unit and direct expander + ORC cascade unit.


The following is an application example of a steam screw expansion power station

image.pngProject address:Jiangsu Chengxing Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd

 image.pngHeat source:30barA & 50t / h saturated steam, requiring 20~25t / h & 12 barA steam in the process. Also used for the production process and

        the park for steam supply.

 image.pngProject alternatives: 

        According to the customer's residual pressure situation, the three-level direct expansion power generation scheme is adopted.First, the 

        phosphorus burning furnace by-product steam through

        Two KES900 back pressure screw expanders decompress to 12barA and the outlet steam enters the split cylinder.give birth to

        Production process and park steam, surplus steam for a KES1400 backpressure screw

        The expander does power to reduce the pressure to 3barA, and then enters a KES2300 condensing screw expander

        Do power generation.The outlet exhaust steam enters the condenser for cooling, and is transported to the desalination water tank through the 

        condensate pump for circulation

        exploitation.When the screw expander needs maintenance or emergency shutdown, the steam is dispersed from the original release line.overall

        Installed capacity is 5.5MW, and the total net power generation is 4.4MW.

image.pngProject address:Jiangsu Chengxing Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd


Heat source condition: saturated steam pressure

        Pressure: 2.9MPaA, decompression to 0.4MPaA

        Temperature: saturation

        Flow rate: 14t / h

        Installed model: KES900

        Total installed capacity: 900kW

        Net power generation: 723kW

        Annual power generation: 5.784 million degrees

        Annual benefit: 2.892 million yuan

        Annual standard coal saving: 2024.4 tons

        Annual CO2 emission reduction: 4,809.97 tons

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