Hydraulic core drilling service

We can provide hydraulic core rig (CRAWLER-MOUNTED OR SKID-MOUNTED) core service, the deepest depth of 3500 meters.We provide a complete set of services, including drill, rig, construction teams.Whether you are in China or abroad, whether the project is in the plain or the hill, our professional services can reach you.

Spindle type core drilling

Provide working team, drill rig and tool. when wire line core drilling depth exceed 600-700m, the efficiency of spindle core drill rig will be not less than hydraulic core drill. when use 18m drilling tower, one lift 9m drill rod one time. It is strong and durable, and the chassis stability is better

Core keep

Standard and professional core storage, recording, storage

Professional construction team

Our team has 30 years of drilling experience master, hold skill certificate issued by the state, can deal with all kinds of complex strata and emergencies, can deal with sudden underground accidents, in the ratio of mud, mud material use have this rich experience, can deal with the depth of 3500 meters of various core drilling engineering



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