Expansion Power Generation Equipment

At present, a large number of waste heat and pressure resources in the industrial field are directly discharged

Shanghai GEO's screw expansion power generation technology came into being to provide a complete set of solutions for enterprises to use waste heat and residual pressure resources. Shanghai GEO screw expansion generator set includes direct expansion generator set using residual pressure and organic Rankine cycle (ORC) expansion generator set using waste heat.

At present, Shanghai GEO's screw expansion generator set has been widely used in the fields of waste heat power generation in iron and steel industry, industrial residual pressure power generation, geothermal power generation and bioenergy power generation. At present, the company has completed more than 90 screw expansion power generation projects. The project is mainly distributed in steel, petrochemical, plastic, chemical fiber, geothermal, biomass and other industries. Shanghai GEO's high-end screw expansion power generation system is running efficiently and stably.

Shanghai GEO expander power generation equipment business includes:


Expansion Power Generation Equipment


STATRAPID replace the time consuming stacking of conrete weights of the kentledge tests


Rapid Load Testing is the method where a pile is loaded in a short moment, giving a gentle push on the pile top. This method is much faster than static load testing. The duration of the load is much longer than during a Dynamic Load Testing (DLT), High Strain Dynamic Testing, or PDA. Due to the long duration of the load, no stress wave phenomena are involved. When the requirements of the quasi-static situation are fulfilled, the interpretation of the Rapid Load Test results is straightforward, without stress wave analysis and without Signal Matching. As a result, the results of Rapid Load Tests are more accurate, reliable, and man-independent. Rapid Load Testing has two major test methods: StatNamic and StatRapid.

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